Nailah "Billie" Fuller

I put in order some of the things I think you should know about me. 

I am a co-parent a guinea pig named Pepito. 

I pour my milk before my cereal. 

I really love peanut butter cookies. 

I am in a very solid relationship with Netflix. 

I am based in New York. 

I am a scorpio.

My favorite numbers are the multiples of three. 

I dig learning about different religions. 

Looking forward to owning a tiny home. 

If this list intrigued you.... I think we should be friends. I left a little box below where you can send me an email. 

Send me an email, and I will add you to an email list. Specify writing "Email list" in the message. 

I look forward to notify you about any of my exhibitions or publications. I also have really talented friends. With their permission, I would love to share some of their successes. 

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