Nude: Visual Artist 

Nude:Visual Artist (N:VA) is a nude photo series that focuses on creating a discussion about the vulnerabilities of an artist. In each portrait the artist is photographed nude alongside their personal work. Using the nude body highlights the idea of vulnerability. Creating requires your ability to withstand failure, personal sanity, politics, truth, and any other difficult obstacles that make keep you from achieving great art. 

The idea for this project emerged when I was brainstorming subjects to photograph for a nude series. I wanted a subject who could challenge or be figuratively challenged by the concept of nudity. The nude form is beautiful, but that isn't solely what I wanted to say. I wanted to speak on behalf of a community deserving of praise, given the challenge vulnerability brings.

The goal of the series is to photograph 30 New York based artists. Eventually creating a book,

"Nude: Visual Artist's of NY". 

NUDE: Visual Artist 

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