old film.

I had these two rolls on film on my bookcase that I stared at for years. Today I realized how long I was staring at them. I was patiently waiting for the time to develop them myself. Ten years later, I find images from High school. I shot these with my Pentax K1000.

Looking at these images it’s validating to know how much I changed as a photographer. You are always evolving. You become inspired by your past which then makes you entranced by your future. I’m enjoying the emotional connection in all of these images. Wish there were more. 

Collection23. & Roadtrip to Arizona

Let start backwards with

My road trip From NY-AZ 

My 90 year great grandmother wanted to see the grand canyon.

We planned the trip last month (July 2019)

Here are SOME of the digital images from the trip. 



Before this trip, I was a  darkroom monitor one day a week for the semester and part of the summer. During that time I made 23 prints. Twenty-three prints that I fell in love with. Soon these prints will be available for sale through my site. 

Here is a preview of the prints.  

Some images are the same but slightly different prints. 

Paper size - 8x10

Image - 5x7 

Using Format