I hope my work is convincing enough to show you how normal and beautiful the nude form is. If not I hope you have seen other art work that does so. I was not interested in creating nude work until I saw the works of Spencer Tunick. If you don’t know who he is you should look him up. His work commends this sense of community. 

Years later, after soul searching I started N:VA. I wanted to create a project around nudity that had a metaphorical reference. 

Before, N:VA, little black book was the starting point. It allowed me to practice how I wanted to visually express the essence of the nude subject. It also allowed me to accept my beauty. 

Below I’ve shared the two recent nude shoots.

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Creating visuals.

I’ve always had a hard time accepting my cell phone as a tool to create a photograph.  I have to say my mentality has changed. Instead of having the camera be the tool for me. I am the tool for the camera. 

Since I started using my phone  I feel like I have become a better photographer.  Maybe because it’s putting me in the mindset to creating visually at all times.

The year of Installations


I’d say it was my most creative year by far. I began exploring different mediums. Trying to find my voice in other mediums as I have in photography. I know that it may take time, and continuous creations. The installations that I have made so far I look forward to build them bigger and better. 

All the installations that I have created so far have been for class. We are only given 2 to 3 weeks to create a work. Usually, three or four projects a semester. I considered them to be drafts. Potentially, they will be recreated. I’m excited for the years to come.

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