Documenting your travels is important. I wish I had pictures from places i’ve traveled. After shooting Clarity I saw the importance of documenting my travels. I found importance in the peace of mind that traveling/vacationing gave me. I guess I came to this notion when I shot “clarity”. Though, the images in “clarity” are of my home in N.C, and carry existing importance. I was still on vacation, and in a week I was to return back to NY.  

One thing I hate more then anything is lugging my heavy camera around. 

I think I found a solution. Film. I know your like…. but thats heavier.. Kinda sorta. eh. maybe. I would say I’m less worried about how the image will come out, or damaging the camera. This gives me more peace of mind. 35mm Cameras can be rather cheap. I find that my Minolta is much lighter then my Canon, and if you know how heavy Minolta is that says a lot. 

Some shots from Philly 

The traveling part.

The we made it part. 

The admiration part. ( The best part) 

Back home. (So upon returning I had to pick up my print from Brooklyn, and then go all the way back to Hunter.) And I still had film left. SO here you are. 


I hope my work is convincing enough to show you how normal and beautiful the nude form is. If not I hope you have seen other art work that does so. I was not interested in creating nude work until I saw the works of Spencer Tunick. If you don’t know who he is you should look him up. His work commends this sense of community. 

Years later, after soul searching I started N:VA. I wanted to create a project around nudity that had a metaphorical reference. 

Before, N:VA, little black book was the starting point. It allowed me to practice how I wanted to visually express the essence of the nude subject. It also allowed me to accept my beauty. 

Below I’ve shared the two recent nude shoots.

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