I’m just shooting out thoughts here but…

Could you say as artists we are obsessed with reflection? How many self-portraits do you create?

As I get older I enjoy seeing the change in physical and mental youthfulness. I would say youthfulness can count as yesterday or last year. As the days move on so does everything about you.

Collectively, in years or months you see the effects of time more so. Though, every day your body and mind are going through change.

In my experience with self-portraiture, growth isn’t the only word to describe the age in self. Only because I find that you can grow backwards. Growing backwards in my experience is making choices that steam from a lost of hope, or lack of optimism.

I’ve been looking through my archives, and finding non-purposeful self-portraits. It’s been like finding hidden treasures that explain the history of me. I think the lack of purpose allows me to see the details of the reflection.

The Little Black Book series is the only self-portrait work that has a visually cohesive purpose. Any other self-portraits were done out of boredom, chance, or exploration.

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