Summer Assembly

I worked pretty damn hard on this installation. I’m pretty proud of myself, and my colleagues. Toward the end of the semester we set up a show exhibiting the work of  outside artists and Hunter College artists. We fought to use the space the entire semester. The college wants to use the space for commercial purposes but we believe that it should be a communal space for students use.

We titled the show “Summer Assembly”. Today we will be hosting an event in the gallery. 

You can visit my mushrooms! It is an interactive piece so touching the work is cool with me. Also, you can stick you head inside one of the shrooms. 

 You have a few days to go see them.  The last day to visit my shroomies is Thursday, May 30th. I will be there!  

Sign the petition to keep the space for student use.

Work vomit.

I’ve been producing a lot of work. Both photographic, and sculptural.

I’ve been building these mushroom like sculptures you can stick your head in, and or look into. I’m pretty obsessed…… Inside are my interpretations of archaic indigenous ruins. It’s not complete but soon will be.

My installations are often spacial. While the mushrooms are their own thing. I’ve been using my photography and photographic memory to create sculptural interpretations of places, people and things. Most importantly I am expressing my personal relationship with these spaces, in turn duplicating renditions. 

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